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FMD DC fan motor series

Applicahon Applicable for: the cooling of the oil discharge pipe of variable pump, return pipe of hydraulic system, and lubricating system. Typical application: the cooling of the hydraulic circuit of truck crane, mixing vehicle, pump truck, paver, rotary drilling rig, garbage truck, snow removal truck and other engineering, construction, mobile machinery and tunnel & port machinery, railway machinery (e.g. subway, train, etc.), and the cooling of lubricating systems and gear box. Product characteristics The product Is composed of high-performance DC fan and tightly structured high-efficiency fin wIth 35 bar dynamic rated pressure. The integrated compact axial flow tan occupies small space. The DC brush motor can be operated for a long run-on period continuously, with a maximum service life of motor more than 16,000 hours. Additional temperature switches and fitters can be added according to the requirements, as well as the pressure bypass circuit or temperature control bypass circuit. 8 kInds of piping methods are available to meet any requirements (please see the piping diagram). For special requirements, please contact JUN WELL. Standard for oil inlet and outlet: G screw thread; other threads can be custom-made. Operating voltage: DC 12V and DC 24V. In case that special voltage Is required, please contact JUNWELL
Technical parameters
Piping diagram
Technical parameters - FMA an fan motor series
   Suitable for: the variable pump discharge tubing road, hydraulic pressure system return pipe road, lubrication system cooling.
Typical application: cranes, mixer, pump car, paver, the rotating drill, garbage trucks, SaoXueChe engineering, construction, walk machinery and tunnel, port machinery, railway machinery (such as subway, train, etc), and other hydraulic loop cooling and lubrication system, gear box cooling
Product features
      35 bar dynamic pressure rated by the high performance of dc fans and compact and efficient heat sink composition.
Compact, and axial flow fan, take up the space is small. Dc motor for a brush motor, long time continuous operation, motor highest life: 16000 hours.
But according to requirements set temperature switches, filters, also can increase the pressure bypass or temperature bypass circuit.
8 kinds of piping mode can choose, can satisfy any demand, please reference piping schemes. Special requirement please contact with JUNWELL.
Come in and out oil mouth standard is: G thread, threaded also can be customized to the other.
Working voltage: DC12V, DC24V.
◇Fore special requiremenys, Pleas contact JUNWELL。
Cooling power
Type designation
Overall dimension
Fore special requiremenys, Pleas contact JUNWELL
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