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rotary frilling

Application Appilcabi. fo the cooling of oil return pipe and independent cooling circuit of hydrauic system, aid large lubricabng stern. Typical application: the cooling of hydraulic oil for rotary drilling rig and other mobile macblnety. It may also be used In the cooing of • pipes for coal mine and tunnel machinery. Product characteristics The cooler Is designed wIth 45 bar dynamic rated pressure. which may resist frequent pressure Impact. It eqppi wIth high-performance revertible hydrauUc. tan motor and tan blades made of high-performance th materials with sate spray resistance, as wol as special pretedive shell design to resist salt spray, so that It Is suitable for outdoor operation In harsh envronmont fur long tIme. It is also added wIth tighey structured high-effIciency tin to realIze the best cooling effects. The cooler specialty made for rotary drrnlng rig has very strong cooling cepecity and shock-resistance. With special design and configuration, the cooler may also be used in some dsngerot zones, such as cool m,iee, tunnels. etc. Hydrautec motor may enable the cooler to work continuously In complex wod’Jng conditions for advantages of easy maintenance and low operation cosi Standard br oil Inlet and outlet G screw thread or SAE standard flange: other threads can be custom-made. Hydraubc motor displacement: 20 mlirev, 32 mlIrev. For special requirements, please contact .JUNWELL
Technical parameters
Technical parameters - FMA an fan motor series
    Suitable for: hydraulic system return pipe road, independent cooling circuit, the cooling lubrication system.
    Typical application: coal mine machinery, chemical machinery and oil and gas field mechanical hydraulic power station, lubrication system, gear transmission cooling.
Product features
       Cooling capacity: cooling power at ΔT=40℃.
       For the operation direction,refer to the direction indicated by the arrow on the shell of the cooler.
       Characteristics of hyclraulic motor;
Reversible hydraulic motor.i.e,oil inlet and outlet are reversible.
Calculation of hyclraulic motor flow; Q;
Q=Vg x n ÷1000÷∩ [L/min]
Vg=hYDRAULIC MOTOR displacement[ml/v]
n=fan rotating speed[rpm]
∩=hydraulic motor volume effciency;90%(at the working of 150 bar)
Maximum pressure of oil outlet:120 bar
Maximum pressure of oil discharge:2 bar
Range of medium viscosity:10-600 mm²/s,and recommended value is 30-45 mm²/s
Maximum medium temperature:90℃
Medium clennes:=25UM
       Noise value given in the table is measured at im,which is for reference only because it may be influenced by ambient environment,viscosity and reflection and other factors.
       For the sake of safety,it is not recommended to use temperrature and fillter in the explosion area
       Medium:minera oil,complying with Din 51524.For other media,please contact JUNWELL.
Cooling power
Pressure drop of thermal fluid
Type designation
Overall dimension
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