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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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Adhere to and advocate innovation 

Innovation understanding
Not only in scientific research, but also in production, engineering, marketing, finance and other positions, all specific tasks and work can be innovative. Without innovation, there will be no vitality; without innovation, there will be no features; without features, there will be no competitiveness; without competitiveness, there will be no long-term development.
Innovation focus
Technology innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation.

Emphasize service awareness 

Service is a closed chain, the ring is important
In a certain way, it can be considered that scientific research serves production and engineering, production and engineering serve the market, market and engineering personnel serve customers, finance and office serve other departments, and the end point of the company's service is the customer, and the customer provides remuneration for the service, thus forming a circular service chain.
Only with a sense of service and attitude, all staff will do their work well and make each other satisfied, in order to finally get the best customer feedback.

Promote team spirit 

We advocate mutual support and mutual improvement in work. We oppose buck-passing and irresponsible practices. Advocate in the work, adhere to the principle of subordinate obedience to superiors; Do not advocate to cross grade management and cross branch management.
Stick to routine reporting
Adhere to the regular meeting system and work report system, we advocate the use of these opportunities, often exchange ideas, so that the ideological understanding and views on the work to achieve consensus. 

Advocate dedication 

Adhere to the principle of company interests first, personal interests second. Advocate the spirit of dedication and dedication.
Encourage the staff to strengthen learning, improve their own culture.
Sense of responsibility: promote and carry forward the spirit of dare to carry the burden, dare to be responsible; Advocate to find the reason from oneself first, the attitude that thinks a way to solve actively when encountering a problem.
Win-win value orientation: to promote the common development and mutual promotion between employees and the company, so as to achieve a win-win situation between employees and the company.
Advocate love and compassion: because only love, there is passion, work will be active; Only by understanding can we have compassion, think what others think, and be eager to help others.