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PMFM oil pump motor

Application Appflcable for: the cooling of the independent cooling circuIt of hydraulic system, lubricating system and gear box. Typical application: the coding of hydraulic power station, lubricating system and gear box. Product characteristics Designed th 35 bar dynamic rated pressure, standard motor, high-strength fan blades and tightly structured hlgh.efflclency fin, the product can realize the best coding effects. Oil pump motor and fan motor can be controlled respectively. When the oil temperature is low, the fan motor Is switched off to save the energy saving and decrease maintenance cost The connection between oil pump and coder can form a safe and in dependent cyde coding circuit to avoid the impact of the system oil return, and can also connect to the high-performance filters. Strong self-absorption ability and low-noise gear pump is used with the maximum Inlet pressure up to -O.4bar. Pump displacement: 32ml/rev. 4Oml/rev, 63ml/rev, 80ml/rev, In case that other displacement is required. please contact JUNWELL 8 kinds of piping methods are available to meet any requirements (please see the piping diagram). For special requirements, please contact JUNWELL. Standard foroil inletand outlet G screw thread or SAE standard flange; other threads can be custom-made. Operating voltage: AC 380V. AC 440V. AC690V. In case that special voltage is required, please contact JUNWELL.
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