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EMT2 special-purpose

Application Applicable for: the cooling of the oil return pipe of hydraulic system, independent cooling circuit and lubricating system. Typical application: the coding of the hydrauflc power station, lubricating system and gear box of coal mine machinery. chemical machinery, mine and tunnel machinery, oil & gas field machinery, natural gas filling station, and shipping machinery. Product characteristics The product is designed to reach the best protection requirement with 35 bar dynamic rated pressure, high-performance Exd I explosion-proof motor and fan blades made of special material and specialty designed housing protection. Equipped with the tightly structured high-efficiency fin, It can achieve the best coding effect. The product of each type is designed with two kinds of speed to achieve the best operating perfomiance. Additional pressure bypass circuit or temperature control bypass circuit can be added according to the wodlng requirements. For the sake of safely, It Is not recommended to use temperature switch and filter In the explosive area otherwise specified. 8 kInds of piping methods are available to meet any requirements (please see the piping diagram). For special requirements, please contact JUNWELL Standard for oil inlet and outlet: G screw thread or SAE standard flange; other threads can be custom-made. Operating voltage: AC 380V. AC660V, AC1140V. In case that special voltage Is required. please contact JUNWLL
Technical parameters
Piping diagram
Technical parameters - FMA an fan motor series
    Suitable for: hydraulic system return pipe road, independent cooling circuit, the cooling lubrication system.
    Typical application: coal mine machinery, chemical machinery and oil and gas field mechanical hydraulic power station, lubrication system, gear transmission cooling.
Product features
       Cooling capacity: cooling power at ΔT=40℃.
       Different power consumption is available under various voltages. This table only takes AC380V and AC 660V as examples.
       Axial flow fan type: the standard type is wind suction type, IP54, IP55, IP56, IP65, F-class insulation, complying with national Ex standard and international CE standard.
       For the sake of safety, temperature switch and filter are not used.
       Medium: mineral oil, complying with DIN 51524. For other media, please contact JUNWELL.
Cooling power
Pressure drop of thermal fluid
Type designation
Overall dimension
Fore special requiremenys, Pleas contact JUNWELL
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