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SW series Plate Heat Exchanger

Overview The series products choose precision corrosion resistant plate material and are processed with special pressure molding and vacuum brazing. so they feature higher mechanical strength and can generate effective turbulence required for heat transfer, thus realizing higher heat exchange efficiency and less water consumption. So, this type is one of the most economic and efficient coolers at present. Application Cooling for such media as various hydraulic oli, lubricating oil, water-glycol, HFC actuating medium,water for cooling end coolant. Typical applications: Machine tool and special machinery,injection machine,wind power equipment marine machinery, harbor machinery,metallurgical machinery food machinery. chemical machinery and various hydraulic systems lubricating systems and geared heed.etc. Product features 35 bar static rated pressure; high quality corrosion resistant plate material through special molding and vacuum brazing,compact structure,good corrosion resistance,good heat elimination,a wide range of applicable fluids,scaling free and light weight.etc Corrosion resistant plate and joint material: SUS3O4 end AISI3IliL Welding material: copper or nickel with the purity of 99.9% Interface mode Standard G-thread (inteMal thread), or round flange; other interfaces can be custom-made Please contact JUNWELL for special requirements

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